About Frank Lee

Frank Lee, Founder of Sales Academy &

Creator of  International Ag University™


franklee2Frank Lee, a leading consultant in the Ag industry,  founded Sales Academy in 1994 and  International Ag University™ in 2003.

He has worked with all the major manufacturers and several short line companies and has trained more than 8000 people at the manufacturer level and in dealerships all over North America. He has worked intimately with over 150 dealerships using his “Successful Dealer Behaviors Program”.

Five Ag colleges have used his books, “P.A.S.S. C.A.L.F.” and “Managing Iron Salespeople”, as required reading. These books continue to be sold in several countries around the world.

He founded International Ag University™ to create the Ag Equipment Consultants of the future. IAU develops a new generation professional who will help farmers develop strategies for acquiring farm equipment and who will define how farm equipment is sold in the future. Many Ag salespeople have already graduated from its 3-year sales program.

He has traveled with more than 100 Ag salespeople and conducted several studies with farmers to better understand the market.

Frank’s business life spans 40+ years, 4 continents and 14 countries.
Sales consultants, sales psychologists and many sales trainers come to learn from him.

Author and behavioral scientist, George Dudley, describes him as a person with “genius-level sales abilities, a highly successful and respected sales manager, gifted speaker, skillful trainer, and a credible role model.”

With Great Gratitude

By Margy Eckelkamp – Farm Journal’s Implement and Tractor

“In late 2008, I was about to meet two people who changed my view of the ag equipment business in ways I could not have imagined at the time. That is when Farm Journal Media acquired Implement & Tractor magazine, and I basically inherited two contacts, Greg Peterson and Frank Lee.” Read the full article…