P.A.S.S. C.A.L.F.: 8 Behaviors of Sales Success in an Agricultural Dealership
by Frank Lee

This is the only sales book on the market written specifically for agricultural equipment sales people. It teaches sales people 8 of the most effective sales behaviors to sell more equipment better. It has already become an industry standard.

P.A.S.S. C.A.L.F. describes the 8 successful behaviors and then shows sales people how to put them into practice. This useful book will help all sales people raise their level of selling no matter where they are now.

This is not a book for the theorist. It shows sales people how to perform successful behaviors consistently to achieve world class results.

This book is destined to become the sales bible of the agricultural sales person of the future. Thousands of copies have already been sold in the United States and Canada.

  • If your sales people regularly get beaten up on price, let them read the chapter on “First-Time Trade”.
  • If your dealership suffers from ‘astronaut equipment’ or ‘lot rot’, your sales people should read the chapter on “Six Prospects”.
  • If they are already approaching superstar status and you want them to accelerate their progress,
    let them read the chapter called “Ask Why”.

Managing Iron Salespeople: How to Manage Salespeople in an Ag Dealership
by Frank Lee

ironsalesWritten for the sales manager in an Ag dealership, this book reveals a step-by-step approach to managing salespeople and getting them to perform like sales superstars. Using common-sense practicality, it is comprehensive in scope. It covers such topics as:

  • Sales Manager job description
  • Assessing dealership sales potential
  • Assertive management
  • Territories
  • Beating the competition
  • Sales training
  • Leading the sales team, and much more!

Author Bio

Frank Lee’s business life spans nearly 30 years, 3 continents and 7 countries. Since early 1994, he has worked with John Deere Company and its dealers throughout the United States. His book “P.A.S.S. C.A.L.F.” is based on considerable hands-on experience. He traveled with dealership sales people to visit their customers and prospects. He taught over 5000 company and dealer employees from more than 300 dealership locations and conducted numerous studies with them. He spoke to overflow crowds at the 1997 John Deere Expo in San Antonio. He is the most ‘informed outsider’ in the Ag world.