February 2019

Eddie has been a salesperson for a few years. The transition from his previous role in the service department has been a tough one. He has been selling more and more and is determined to not be a “typical sales person”.

Joe bought a combine from Eddie at his local dealership during the summer. In the middle of combining season on a Friday afternoon, Joe comes storming into the dealership. He confronts Eddie and tells him, “That combine you sold me broke down and I want it fixed now!” Eddie knows that the service department is swamped. He responds, “Let me see who I can find to help you.” Joe blows up and demands, “I bought this combine from you…what are YOU going to do about it?” Eddie sees that he has two choices: one, let Joe deal with a service department that is booked up or two, see if he can fix it himself.

What would you advise Eddie to do?