A Letter to Sales Managers

A Letter to Sales Managers

Why do you think your sales people perform below expectations?

Are they stupid? No, I’ll bet most are highly intelligent.

Do they not WANT to sell? Are they lazy? Unmotivated? No, I’m sure you’ll find some hard-working, motivated sales people who regularly fail to deliver. And I’ll bet they joined your organization to further, not to hinder, their sales careers.

So…why then do they not fulfil the promise you saw when you first hired them?

Mediocre sales performance can usually be traced to one or more of the following:

  • Skill Deficiency – Some sales people genuinely don’t know HOW to sell.
  • Fear – Certain fears cause them to AVOID sales situations by wasting time in other activities. These strike even veteran sales people.
  • Lack of Successful Behaviors – They do not do enough of the right things on a CONSISTENT basis.
  • Lack of Expectations – It may be your fault. They may not know exactly what you expect from them.

How can you address this?

  • Skill Deficiency – Find out which skills are missing or weak and develop a customized sales training program that addresses those skills in real-life situations.
  • Fear – Help them identify and manage their fears. Help them find the names and addresses of these fears and show them how to conquer them.
  • Successful Behaviors – Help them develop effective selling habits to consistently be successful in sales.
  • Expectations – Create the right expectations.

When you address these, you will fix more than 90% of your sales problems.

If you have the time, ALL sales training has value – even off-the-shelf events. But time is a luxury that, unfortunately, none of us has.

Besides, conventional sales training may not be what your sales people need. Customized sales training could be your answer.

We shorten wasted time in training. Everything we do is practical, not theoretical. We focus on get-your-hands-dirty sales and get-your-hands-dirty sales management. We focus on your company, your sales problems, your sales people, not abstract bodies in outer space.

We get your people out there doing what they need to be doing – quickly. There is just no time for the frills. We are the least flashy company around. Instead, we focus on substance.

We continue to help our clients. Perhaps we can help you too?

Dave Gross
International Ag University