Sales Training Programs

International Ag University™ was developed by Frank Lee to create the successful Ag dealership salespeople of the future. At present, a number of training programs exist for the development of Ag dealership salespeople. All are event-style programs that, although they have merit, provide piecemeal patches that constitute just-in-time training.

The International Ag University™ develops salespeople and sales managers, in a structured and sequential manner, to become experts in their fields. All programs have been developed to follow a logical path with each training class building on the one before. Each training module has built-in accountability that provides evidence that learning has taken place. The International Ag University is not just another training program — it creates the Ag Equipment Consultant of the future.

Two Disciplines

International Ag University™ offers classes in two disciplines.
Additional courses of study are planned for the future.

Salespeople go through a rigorous three-year development program that qualifies them to become true Ag Equipment Consultants.

Sales Management
Open only to those sales managers who have salespeople enrolled in the Sales Program, this discipline currently shows them how to manage the changing salesperson in the Sales Program. A new full Sales Management Program is being developed.