Custom Tailored Sales Program

This program prepares the dealership salesperson to become the Ag Equipment Consultant of the future. This requires:

  • Knowledge of his/her own equipment, dealership and manufacturer
  • Knowledge of his/her competition
  • Knowledge of his/her customers’ business
  • Knowledge of advanced and creative financing
  • The right selling skills and business skills
  • Consulting ability

Through a series of training programs and behavioral exercises, the sales consultant acquires all of these skills over three years. Students learn from day one that selling is not just another job. It has behavioral and business applications that can separate one sales consultant from the rest. This business concept of selling as well as the consultative approach to selling is instilled from the first day and throughout the program. In this program, the sales consultant is continuously learning.

This successful sales consultant of the future requires a sales manager of the future. This sales manager must learn how to manage the sales consultant and know how to provide additional development after the three-year course. Sales managers of participating salespeople learn these special skills by participating in the sales management program.