Selling to and Through Dealers

Selling To and Through Dealers:
A Manufacturers Territory Manager Program

The ONLY Sales Program Specifically Developed for Ag Manufacturers Territory Managers

Territory Managers face some unique challenges. While being sales people first, they are also ambassadors for their companies. They must develop excellent relationships with their dealers, provide them with valuable resources and also get them to sell.

Assertive management of this relationship is essential. This is often hampered by their inability to control the relationship. A number of factors contribute to undermine their effectiveness. These include their own fears about self-promotion and how the dealer views them.

Suppliers want their field personnel to be effective and train them well in their technology. Often, though, they neglect to arm them with some vital ‘soft’ skills.

“Selling Through and To Dealers”, is designed specifically for territory managers. It trains the staff to them manage their own fears about the relationship while, at the same time, helping them to understand their dealers better. The result is a field manager who assertively and effectively manages the dealer relationship. This results in a win-win situation and a deeper appreciation of the territory manager by the dealer.

The workshop shows them the specific fears behind the avoidance behaviors some of them habitually engage in. It provides counter-measures based on their individual test reports to eliminate these fears.

By understanding their own call reluctances, they will understand those of their dealers. This enables them to better manage their relationships. They learn the difference between aggression and assertion and how assertive management of their dealer relationships can benefit themselves as well as their dealers. They also understand the reason for their relationship.

Because Territory Managers often act as Sales Managers for the sales people in dealerships they service, they must have excellent selling skills in certain key areas. Because they must practice these selling skills on their dealerships, they must also master certain sales techniques. This workshop concentrates on the key aspects of selling as they apply to the Territory Manager.

This programs covers the following areas:

  • The questions all professional sales people must ask.
  • The value of successful selling behaviors.
  • The 4 levels of selling and how to reach the 4th level.
  • Closing a sale and getting commitment.
  • Objections – especially the price objection.
  • What exactly is your relationship with the dealer? (The answer may be a surprise!)
  • Creating and maintaining an assertive relationship
  • Why should a dealer sell your products? Looking at things through his eyes.
  • What are the most valuable parts of your relationship from his perspective?
  • Why motivation in a dealership often does not work and what the alternatives are.
  • The issues facing most dealers (even those wanting to work with you), how these get in the way and how to help them resolve these issues.
  • Training in dealerships – what is needed and how to get them to do it.
  • How to get your dealers to sell more of your products.