Small Tractor Program

Unlike other Ag sales, the “Lifestyle”  farmer’s buying cycle begins before they even step into the showroom. This program helps the sales consultant to identify where in that cycle the buyer is, as well as strategies to keep the sale moving forward.

Salespeople in dealerships learn to understand  that, with the lifestyle farmer,  his buying cycle has already started by the time he contacts the dealership. Consider the differences between a selling and a buying cycle. The typical selling cycle starts with creating attention followed by generating interest, doing a sales presentation, answering objections and closing. The buying cycle does not recognize any of these stages and follows its own path. Salespeople learn what the typical buying cycle looks and quickly identify the buying cycle stage of the customer and to adapt his selling style to the correct stage. The Small Tractor Program will show  salespeople how to become attuned to customers quicker and give them the ability to close the sale faster.