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Irrigation Sales Training

International Ag University™, developed the only sales program specifically designed for the irrigation industry.

The Ag irrigation industry has its own unique circumstances that Sale Consultants face every day. There are times when the Sales Consultant is a “design engineer” first, and a sales person second. So much of a consultant’s time can be taken up with research in order to quote a project.

How does the Sales Consultant keep the customer engaged and ensure that they are in control of the information while quoting? The Sales Consultant learns how to listen and put themselves in the shoes of the customer. Irrigation industry is unique in that it is highly competitive and  opportunities to quote occur  every 10, 20, or even 30 years. The life of  equipment can span through multiple generations and it’s  important to include all  involved in the farm decision process.

The consultive sales process more than ever is important. Agriculture growers with irrigation revere their Sales Consultants for ongoing business. Learn how to keep this relationship is solid.

Learn how to get a “win-win” deal and a deeper appreciation of the Sales Consultant and the customer. David’s experience as the Sales Manager of one of North America’s largest pivot irrigation dealership will show students how to raise their level of confidence and profile in this industry.